What is the rental fee and what does it include?

  • Please click here to see the price and the services and amenities that are included.

What is the capacity of the Reception Hall?

  • We can comfortably fit 220 guests, including the bridal party, inside our hall.

What dates are available?

  • Please click here to see the available dates.

Is there a deposit? When are the additional payments due? Do you offer a payment plan?

  • Yes, a deposit is due at the time of signing the contract to hold your date(s). We require 25% of the package cost at the time of signing the contract. Nine months prior to the event we require 50% of the package cost. The remaining 25% of the package cost is due 60 days prior to the event, along with the security damage deposit. If you are booking within nine months prior to the event date, then 50% of the package cost is due at the time of signing. The remaining 50%, along with the security damage deposit, is due 60 days prior to the event. You’re welcome to make small payments along the way as long as the above amounts are paid by the due dates.

What is the security damage deposit? When is it due? Is it refundable?

  • The security damage deposit of $500 is due 60 days prior to the event. These funds are reserved for any possible damage that occurs during the event. If there is no damage, then we will issue a refund of the $500 via check no later than two weeks after your event. If there is damage, but the costs do not require the full $500, we will refund any difference of the deposit from the costs.

How do I reserve a date?

  • A date is reserved by providing a deposit at the time of signing the contract. Before booking a date, we would love to show you our family-owned venue in person and you can request a tour on our tour request page. You are not required to view the property before booking with us, but if you are out of the area and would like a virtual tour, we can have a Skype tour with you. We’ve had couples book with us without being able to tour the property in person, and we can easily handle the contract and deposit electronically.

Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?

  • So we can best serve our couples, all of our tours are by appointment only. You can request a tour time here.

What is the average total wedding budget of a couple getting married at Carriage Hills Ranch?

  • Wonderful question! We believe that the average total wedding budget of a couple getting married at Carriage Hills Ranch is between $14,000 and $17,000. This includes the total cost of a wedding (the venue, catering, photographer, DJ/band, florist, etc.). With the beautiful natural setting and all that is included in our packages, and with smaller guest counts and creativity within your budget, it is possible to spend less.

Is there a food and beverage or guest count minimum?

  • No. Many venues have a minimum guest count because they receive a commission from the caterers, or they require you to use their in-house catering service. We want you to have the flexibility to choose the food and caterer you desire for your special day.

Are there any requirements for caterers?

  • We have a list of caterers that we think have wonderful food, varied budgets, and great customer service, but you are not required to use them. Since there are so many caterers to choose from, we do require prior approval of a caterer for events at Carriage Hills Ranch. All caterers must have liability insurance and list Carriage Hills Ranch as an additional beneficiary. Proof of this insurance must be given to us 60 days prior to the event. Also, we require caterers to collect and remove any trash created by the caterer or by the use of their product. Caterers are also responsible for cleaning the kitchen before leaving the venue. It’s helpful to advise your caterer of these venue rules so they can prepare for your special day.

Do we have to utilize the bartending company you work with?

  • Yes. We’ve done a lot of research, and we’ve found this company to be filled with highly trained professionals. They are all TABC certified, receive additional training, are insured, professional, fun, and friendly. We want everyone to have a safe and wonderful time at your event, and we believe you’ll have fun with this company too.

Will there be another event the same day?

  • We only host one wedding each day at Carriage Hills Ranch to ensure your event is special and uninterrupted.

Are there overnight accommodations nearby?

  • Yes. The Best Western Plus Blanco Luxury Inn & Suites is one mile away and they offer group rates for wedding blocks along with transportation (contact them for details and pricing and let them know you have booked with Carriage Hills Ranch). All of their rooms are suites AND are sought after by many of the wedding venues in the Texas Hill Country. We highly recommend booking with them as soon as possible. There are also several smaller hotels, cabins, and B&B’s in Blanco, as well additional larger hotels only 20 minutes away.

How many cars will your parking lot accommodate?

  • We can fit up to 70 cars in our parking lot and up to 20 cars in our overflow area.

Do children count toward the guest count total?

  • Typically, yes, children count toward the headcount, as we can fit up to 220 people inside our reception hall. If the child will not require a seat, because they will be sitting on the parent’s lap, and they are under the age of 2, then they do not count toward the total. Please make sure that the parent of the child is willing to have them sit on their lap for the entire reception as we will not have additional tables or chairs available for the children, if they were not part of the original guest count.

What type of tables do you have?

  • We have (26) 5’ round tables; (4) 6’ rectangle tables; (2) 8’ rectangle tables. The round tables are primarily used for the guests and the rectangle tables for the bridal party. We also have (6) cocktail tables; (15) 3’ glass top tables for outside use and (1) kids’ table that seats four.

What type of chairs do you have?

  • We provide 220 upgraded Fruitwood Chiavari chairs, with cushions, for use inside our reception hall. We have 200 large white folding chairs for outside use.

Do you provide linens?

  • Yes. We provide floor-length ivory linens for all of the inside tables and cocktail tables. We also have beige linens for indoor use. We also have a large selection of linens in various colors for the cake table.

What happens in case of bad weather?

  • Unlike many venues that have outdoor ceremony areas, Carriage Hills Ranch has a climate-controlled reception hall that can easily be adapted for the wedding. Tables and chairs that have already been set-up for the reception remain in place, and the stage becomes the ceremony site with the historic family barn as the backdrop. We have easy access from the bridal cabin to the reception hall that allows for a private and “grand” entrance for the bride and her bridesmaids. Having this option makes planning less stressful while providing another beautiful area for a wedding.

We plan to have our ceremony offsite, and only plan to have our reception at Carriage Hills Ranch. Does your fee change?

  • Since we only host one event a day, our package price remains the same whether you choose to have the ceremony, reception, or both at our venue.

Do you allow dogs onsite to play a part in our wedding day?

  • Yes, we do allow dogs to be a part of your ceremony, but for the safety of others, we do have certain guidelines that must be followed. We must give prior approval for use of the dog(s) at the ceremony and for photos. The dog(s) must be leased and a responsible adult, other than the bride and groom, must care for them during all other times at the venue. Dogs are not allowed inside any of the buildings, due to health codes, and any “deposits” of waste must be picked up with your own poop bags, sealed, and put in outside trash cans.

What form of payment does Carriage Hills Ranch accept?

  • We prefer checks however, we do accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express).

My preferred dates are unavailable. Do you have a cancellation waiting list?

  • Unfortunately, we do not have a cancellation waiting list. You can check our availability here.

What time will I have access to the venue to decorate?

  • You are allowed to decorate and have access to the venue according to the time frame noted on your contract. Extra time or days are available by purchasing the two-day package. This package allows you an additional six hours the day before your event for your rehearsal, to decorate, or prepare the venue for your special day.

Do you require a professional Wedding or Event Planner?

  • No. Once you book a date with us we have many helpful tools to help make your special day run as smoothly as possible. We do require you to select someone to be the decision maker for the day, to help make important decisions on the day of your wedding. This should be someone other than the bride, groom, bridal party, and immediate family members if possible.

Will someone from Carriage Hills Ranch be at the event?

  • Yes. There will be a Carriage Hills Ranch team member there for your entire event to help answer questions about the venue from your vendors and guests, and to do all we can to make your day as special as possible.


How will the tables, chairs, and dance floor be arranged for my event?

  • For the floor plan with the dance floor in the center aisle please click here. To see our floor plan with the dance floor on the right side of the hall please click here. We will reach out to you to confirm which arrangement you want for your special day.

If we choose the one-day option, will we be able to access the location early to rehearse our ceremony?

  • Our 1 hour of rehearsal time is scheduled the day before the wedding, if available. If an event is booked the day before your wedding, you may contact us to see if there is availability on another day to have the 1 hour of rehearsal time. Some couples select our two-day option to allow for the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and extra decoration time. See our investment page here for details.

Can we have sparklers on the property? Are fireworks allowed?

  • Sparklers are allowed in the arbor area for the send-off of the couple if there isn’t a burn ban for Blanco County during the week of the event. All other fireworks are not allowed as we don’t want to scare the animals or disturb our neighbors.

Can vehicles be left overnight?

  • Please contact us if you need to make prior arrangements for a vehicle to be left over night.

What time does the music need to end?

  • All music should end by 11 p.m., as all events must end by 11 p.m. This allows you an hour to collect all of your personal items and also ensure that all other vendors, guests, and the couple are off-property by 12 a.m. (midnight).

We are using a rental company. Can they drop items off or pick them up outside of the rental period?

  • All deliveries and pick-up of items must take place during the standard rental period. If you have a two-day package, rental items may be dropped off the day before the event during the scheduled six-hour time frame of 2 p.m. - 8 p.m.

Which areas on the property are available for the ceremony site?

  • Our most popular area for the wedding ceremony is the gazebo over looking our wet-weather lake with amphitheater-style seating. However, we also have the fireplace/patio area as an option for the ceremony, as well as inside our reception hall.

Is the streetcar available to be use as an outdoor bar or appetizer serving area?

  • Yes. The streetcar is equipped with electricity along with a small freezer and fridge and a work area for preparing and serving drinks or appetizers. Caterers and bartenders have plenty of space to prep food and drinks for you and your guests. There is also ample room to enjoy your food and drinks inside the streetcar and on the extended patios of the streetcar.

Is there a sound system?

  • We have a portable Bluetooth speaker with a microphone that you are welcome to use.

Are candles allowed?

  • Yes. However, candles may only be used in freestanding candle holders or on tables. Freestanding candle holders must be anchored securely in place. All candles must be dripless and placed on wax savers. Candles used on tables must also be enclosed. We love candle light and also have many flameless candles available for your use.

May we move furniture or decor belonging to Carriage Hills Ranch?

  • Yes, you may move furniture belonging to us, but all furniture and decor must be returned to its original placement at the conclusion of the event.

How tall are the gazebo columns? How far apart are the gazebo columns?

  • The columns are 8’ 6” tall and approximately 9’ apart.

Is it possible to seat 9 people to a table?

  • For the comfort of your guests we don’t recommend having more than eight people to a table.

How far in advance do you need our final headcount?

  • We need your guest count and bridal party count three weeks prior to the event.

How do we rent a carriage ride for our event?

  • Contact K and D Carriages to select and book a carriage for your special day.

How do I obtain a marriage license?

  • You can get a marriage license at any Texas County Clerk’s Office to be used anywhere in the state of Texas. You can purchase a wedding license in Blanco County for $77 and you must purchase it at least 72 hours prior to your wedding ceremony time. A wedding license issued in Texas is valid for 90 days and once the ceremony is completed, the license must be returned to the county where it was issued for formal filing. The Blanco County Clerk’s office is located at 101 E. Cypress in Johnson City, Texas. You can also reach them at 830-868-7357 or by email at countyclerk@co.blanco.tx.us.


Are outside snacks and trays permitted?

  • Yes, but please no glass bottles or alcohol.

Are there electrical outlets at the gazebo, fireplace/patio area, and streetcar?

  • Yes, we have electrical outlets at all of these locations.

What is the event clean-up process?

  • Carriage Hills Ranch will take care of the standard clean-up after the event. Trash removal from the bathrooms will take place throughout the reception. As a reminder, we require caterers to collect and remove any trash created by the caterer or by the use of their product. Caterers are also responsible for cleaning the kitchen before leaving the venue. It’s helpful to advise your caterer of these venue rules so they can prepare for your special day.

Can we take photos around the ranch on our wedding day?

  • Yes. We have some favorite spots that our couples love,so please let us know, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Can we nail decorations to the walls or hang things like streamers or lanterns from the beams and ceilings?

  • No. Our reception hall has a lot of family history and was built by several different family members, so we only allow magnets to be used on metal surfaces. No tacks, tape, nails, staples, etc. are to be used on wooden surfaces. We have beautiful romantic ceiling lights that can only be reached with tall ladders, so please, do not add anything to the ceiling. Our floor has been professionally stained, so we kindly ask that no tape of any kind be used on the floor.

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